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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

New inkjet media from Papilio.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Papilio digital media.

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Some of the media (paper and film) we sell must be used in certain types of computer printers.


Before Online-Ordering any media please make sure you are ordering the type of media that will work for your printer.
Please note that Inkjet media will in most cases not work in a laser printers nor is it safe to run some inkjet media through a laser printers.
Most of our special laser media will simply not work in an inkjet printer. So please make sure you are ordering the right media.
Frequently Asked Questions
Before calling us with general questions please look through our list of  frequently asked questions.
Texas Sales Tax Form
Use the link her below to  fill out on-line the Texas Sales Tax form. Even if your business is except from paying sales tax in the state of Texas we are unable to process nor ship your order until you have filled in this form and faxed it back to us. If we do not receive this form in seven days we will cancel your order and refund your purchase price in full.

Product Brochure
We recommend you view or print out our product data booklet. The booklet is in PDF format.

Papilio 2007 product catalog.

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to view our catalog and other literature files.



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Inkjet flexible desktop printable media.
Inkjet Flexible Magnetic Sheets and Business Cards.

  Papilio 2007 product catalog.

Papilio Catalog 2013 PDF 

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to view our catalog and other literature files. This is a free download available from Adobe. You may download it by clicking on the "Get Acrobat Reader" button

Papilio poly focus film. fast website.  Fast loading version of our website. Minimal graphics.

  Ultra cling inkjet printable.
Ultra Cling Tack Film. Inkjet printable cling film.

Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.