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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Waterproof White Adhesive Vinyl

for inkjet printers.

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 Waterproof Inkjet-Printable Vinyl Media

Sizes  8.5" X 11" 11" x17" and 13" X 19"
Sizes Rolls  13" wide on 2" Core and 24" wide on 3" Core
Printers  All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color  White
Thickness  3.0 MIL
Adhesive  Permanent (removable for a few days depending on application)
Outdoor Life  Depends on ink type used. We recommend Epson TM printers that use the “DuraBrite” ink for best results
Instructions  Included
Tools/Material needed  LLA5000 UV Spray or Sheet Laminate recommended.
Note: Lamination increases outdoor life.


Lamination may not be required for outdoor use (depending on inkjet printer used) but is highly recommended for extended life. For more information about this media see the text below.


We highly recommend printers printer such as the Epson Durabrite TM if you intend to print outdoors stickers.



Inkjet Waterproof Adhesive Vinyl.

Waterproof inkjet adhesive vinyl.

White matte waterproof inkjet adhesive vinyl

Inkjet Waterproof Adhesive Film Media.

NOTE: To extend UV resistance of Inkjet media HPS offers  an over laminate with a built in UV barrier. When using self adhesive media, note that any adhesive may become difficult to remove over time. If you want to use self adhesive media on automobiles or other items where you don’t want the label to become permanent or difficult to remove then we recommend our removable waterproof vinyl.


The applications for our waterproof white vinyl are extensive. While the majority of our customers buy this media for creating their own bumper stickers, our customers never cease to amaze with the innovative ways in which they make use of our media. Several small to medium sized businesses use this material for creating production labels for products ranging from health and beauty items to company logos for hard hats. Many customers create their own custom vinyl graphics decals for their model motorcycles, cars, or even rockets. Some customers even create custom vinyl graphics decals for their real motorcycles and cars. Special effects and prop producers have used our white waterproof vinyl as a very easy and inexpensive way to create labels for imaginary products, or knockoff labels to mask the true identity of an item used in the production of a motion picture of television show. While our very thin Papilio White Water Slide decal Paper is what we typically recommend for decorative decals, some customers who produce a large quantity of items, or desire the easy of peel and stick application have created stunning decorative pieces and arts and craft creations using our white waterproof vinyl. Some customers also use this media for the creations of permanent vinyl window decals, similar to bumper stickers exterior window decals allow for one sheet of the white waterproof vinyl to create more decals as window decals are typically smaller than the average bumper sticker.

To make the label scratch resistant use  an over laminate. Test it before starting production for resale, using your equipment and method of printing.

For this media we recommend Epson TM printers that use the “DuraBrite” ink for best results.

Using an over laminate is highly recommended and will greatly extend the life of the label if it is used outdoors.

We also have in stock waterproof vinyl with removable adhesive.

Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with a built in UV barrier, such as our LLA5000



Waterproof Inkjet Adhesive Vinyl. decal film Media. (decal Paper)

 Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with a built in UV barrier.

Inkjet printed bumper sticker.

Waterproof inkjet adhesive vinyl decal paper.

A common question we receive about this media is: 
How can an inkjet media be waterproof if the ink itself is water-soluble?
The ink is trapped onto the media.  The concept is similar to what happens if you spill fruit juice on white cotton fabric, such as a T-shirt. The dye molecules get trapped in the cotton fibers and cannot be removed easily using only a gentle stream of cold water. Sometimes warm water and soap will not even remove the stain.

For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 for this media 12 OZ Aerosol can with fine mist spray nozzle 
Clear UV spray aerosol.  for more info or to order

Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with built in UV barrier.

UV aerosol laminate.

Liquid Laminate Aerosol
For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 for this media 12 OZ Aerosol Can with fine spray mist spray nozzle.
* The  outdoor life of an inkjet printed label depends on how resistant the ink is to UV light and if the label is laminated using either film or liquid laminate with or without UV barrier.  The user of this media should make tests and determine the  suitability of this media before beginning production by using own equipment and method of applications. 
Special feature aerosol uses fine mist spray nozzle.
Waterproof inkjet vinyl.
Waterproof Inkjet Water Self-Adhesive Vinyl.
Water-proof inkjet printable vinyl Papilio made in USA
decal paper.


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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.